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Wanted: Reviewers

I am Norwegian, so English is not my native language. You should therefore expect both grammaricious errors, punct.uati.on and speling errors :-)

Data in the cloud

One of the biggest disadvantages of PpcSoft iKnow is that your data is not in the cloud, so you can't automatically access your data "from anywhere"

One of the biggest advantages of PpcSoft iKnow is that your data is not in the cloud, so you have 100% control of your data.

Keeping your data "in the cloud" gives you two major benefits
- access from anywhere (with an internet connection and proper tools)
- no need to worry where you store your data (or keep a backup yourself)
(plus you'll save the 5-20 minutes it takes to download and install an application)

Of course, there are some disadvantages
- no access if you don't have an internet connection
- no control over your data backup (if your online service provider loses/destroys your data, you're screwed)
- no control of your data security (can others access it/steal it ?)
(plus you'll waste X seconds every time you use it because of slower access)

PpcSoft iKnow stores your data locally on your computer, meaning that
- you always have access (no internet connection necessary)
- you control your backup
- you control your data security

You decide yourself if you want access to the same data on many computers using synchronization services like DropBox or SugarSync.

You decide yourself if you want backup using an external disk or USB, online backup using Dropbox or similar.

You decide yourself if you want extra data security by running and storing iKnow data within a TrueCrypt container for maximum security.

PpcSoft iKnow is designed for professional knowledge workers who wants control over their data. We don't do everything automatically for you, but in return you can do anything your way.

For sensitive, business critical or important data, relying on the cloud is a gamble you should be very careful with...

Posted by Atle Iversen on September 29, 2010 | Permalink

Security in the cloud

One of the great advantages of cloud applications vs. desktop applications is instant updates.

If a bug is found, or a security threat is discovered, cloud applications can update themselves and all users are automatically updated (unlike desktop applications like Firefox and PpcSoft iKnow where you have to download and install an update).

However, the reverse is also true, as was shown by Twitter yesterday.

They updated Twitter.com, and included an old bug which introduced an old security flaw to all users of Twitter.com.

Yes, from one day to the next, the web site you've been using was suddenly dangerous to use - without your knowledge, and without you doing anything at all !

Cloud applications can fix bugs and security problems and automatically 'distribute' them to all their users, but cloud applications can also introduce new bugs and security threats anytime - you have no control over this !

TechCrunch reported it here: Twitter security flaw (TechCrunch).

For the record: PpcSoft iKnow is a desktop application that saves all data locally, and is not connected to the internet. PpcSoft iKnow does not use automatic updates either, so you have 100% control of if and when you want to update it.

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PpcSoft iKnow minor update September 2010

We've released a minor update addressing some bugs and adding a small feature.

Bug fixes

- Lost hyperlinks in some cases when renaming a note.
- autolinks and hyperlinks couldn't have the same name (the autolinks were automatically converted into hyperlinks)

Hyperlinks are very robust now, but as always, we appreciate your feedback and help in finding and fixing bugs. Our goal is a 100% bug-free product !

New feature: Open note from Image Browser

Open note from image browser If you capture web pages you can preview them in the image browser. In addition, when you click on a preview to view a large version, PpcSoft iKnow will show the hyperlink at the bottom of the picture.

This URL can be clicked to automatically open the web page directly from the image browser.

You can now open a note directly from the preview by clicking on the link below the image if there is an autolink in the same sentence as the hyperlink.

Read the full article...

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Information overload and PpcSoft iKnow

PpcSoft iKnow and information overload

An interesting infographic in Fast Company about information overload.

The infographic illustrates the rapid growth of new information compared to the fixed amount of time that we have available to digest it all.

According to Clay Shirky, the problem is filter failure, not information overload.

As the amount of information increases, we need better filters to help us get the most useful bits with minimal effort.

Read the full article...

Posted by Atle Iversen on September 14, 2010 | Permalink

Using PpcSoft iKnow for movies

Here is an example showing how you can use PpcSoft iKnow for movies (or list of CDs, books, games and other hobbies).

Browse the images of the movies

Read the full article...

Posted by Atle Iversen on September 03, 2010 | Permalink


My name is Atle Iversen, and I'm the founder of PpcSoft (read more).

Contact me at atle.iversen@ppcsoft.com

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