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Use PpcSoft iKnow for E-learning

Effective Learning

- write things down !!
- use your own words
- extract what you need
- connect new information to what you already know
- repeat and review
- get enough sleep

Electronic learning (or E-Learning or eLearning) is a term for all types of technology-enhanced learning (TEL), where technology is used to support the learning process.

In companies, e-learning usually refers to the strategies that use the company network to deliver training courses to employees.

PpcSoft iKnow is a tool in the intersection between learning, information overload, social media and personal knowledge management. There are more channels and sources for learning today than ever before, but this may also increase the information overload that people are struggling with and reduce their ability to learn.

PpcSoft iKnow is not an e-learning tool, but rather a tool to complement e-learning.

E-learning benefits

One of the greatest benefits of e-learning is that the best instructors can share their knowledge across across physical, political, and economic boundaries.

Recognized experts can record a lecture once, and it can then be copied and delivered infinitely at minimum cost.

For learners, e-learning is often self-paced and available 24x7. This means that they can learn whenever they want, and pause learning sessions at their convenience.

E-learning vs. E-learning 2.0

E-learning 2.0 increases emphasis on social learning and use of social software (blogs, wikis, podcasts). E-learning 2.0 is built around collaboration, and assumes that knowledge is socially constructed.

E-learning 2.0 is not necessarily better than traditional e-learning, but is a different approach which can be better suited in some cases.

Effective learning

To maximize your learning you should
- write things down !!!
- use your own words
- extract what you need
- relate new information to what you already know
- repeat and review
- get enough sleep (and maybe a nap too)

Writing things down is helpful as it is an automatic repetition, and you also use different senses (the act of writing vs reading).

In addition, when you write down the information, you should translate it into your own words. This will solidify the new knowledge in your brain even further.

No e-learning course is created just for you. This means that when you write down the information in your own words, you should also try to only extract the information that is useful to you (to avoid unnecessary information).

Relating the new information to your existing knowledge will both improve your old knowledge (as you get more related information) and make it easier to remember the new information (as you connect it to already stored knowledge both in PpcSoft iKnow and in your brain).

If you want to remember something, you may need to repeat and review the information 'to make it stick'. Of course, for most information you don't have to remember it, as PpcSoft iKnow will remember it for you.

Learning tips

Summarizing and rereading may improve comprehension, and also help evaluate your learning.

Attempting to recall key ideas by trying to recall from memory and then comparing with the correct answers will improve your ability to accurately evaluate how well you are learning the ideas. Using a note for each key idea gives you access to AutoPreview which makes this recall-technique very easy to use in PpcSoft iKnow (see example).

Having things written down will also help you with the most difficult part for many, which is retrieving the information from memory (searching in PpcSoft iKnow is very fast). So if you know that you have stored the information in your brain but can't remember the exact details, PpcSoft iKnow will help you remember.

Using PpcSoft iKnow to improve learning

1. Write it down using your own words while you learn (example learning Twitter)
2. Connect the new information to existing information
3. Review your notes by using AutoPreview (example)
4. Retrieve your information quickly and easily by searching

Learn it once using e-learning tools
- remember it forever using PpcSoft iKnow

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